23 Gifts For YA Readers Who Aren't Afraid To Show Their Love of Young Adult Lit

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We already know that adults reading young adult lit really isn't that big of a deal. So let your friends and family showcase their undying love of YA with all the vampires, dystopia, and love triangles that come with it with some seriously cool YA-themed holiday gifts.

Does your sister still need tissues when anyone brings up The Fault in Our Stars? Or did your friend sign up for archery lessons immediately after reading The Hunger Games, or boxing lessons after Divergent? Maybe your cousin just wishes she could pal around with some fairy tale characters in our science fiction future. (And yes, we know that you want to be best pals with Hermoine from Harry Potter because so does everyone, ever.)

Because your YA-loving giftee probably already has every book on her list (what else is pre-ordering for but the next installment of your favorite series?), there are some incredible young adult lit-themed gifts that will help her promote her love subtly or scream it from the rooftops.

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