You've Never Seen Fashion Royalty Like This Before

Usually when I picture Anna Wintour, she's hiding behind oversized sunglasses while sitting FROW at a major fashion show, not holding court in a sleigh while dressed like Santa. But that's exactly the image that designer Madame Allsorts conjures in "Wintour Wonderland," an illustration that depicts fashion royalty behaving very badly against a Christmas-y backdrop.

The subversive print, which features Kate Moss snorting snow like cocaine and Kris Jenner chaining Kendall Jenner to a sign that reads "Casting," adorns a quirky dress, Christmas card, pocket square, and sweatshirt available for purchase on the Madame Allsorts website.

"Walking in a Wintour Wonderland is a representation of how I feel about the conformity and predictability of the mainstream fashion industry and all of its cliques," Allsorts told The Record. This is evident by Allsorts's own appearance in the landscape — she's the one clutching a copy of Rogue magazine while being knocked over by Wintour's sleigh.

Allsorts selected her motifs based on the worst of what the industry has to offer, telling The Record:

[The illustration] features a host of famous faces, whom I feel represent the lack of creativity within the fashion industry, namely the Kardashian/Jenner tribe famous for contributing absolutely nothing (apart from their presence and an ample bottom) to the world. I added a row of saluting mannequins and a couple of coat hanger trees with Birkin Bag buckets for good measure.

I'm a self-professed fashion geek, but I'm madly in love with this drawing. As Styleite points out, Madame Allsorts brilliantly satirizes the fashion world while not so gently pointing out that these people are not necessarily worth the undying obsession we've bestowed upon them. I suggest you scoop up all the pieces from this range, especially the sweatshirt, which is the perfect stand-in for an ugly Christmas sweater.

Anna wouldn't approve, but I couldn't care less.

Images: Madame Allsorts