J.T.'s New Song Isn't a Total Knock Out

After he teased us on Instagram and Twitter on Thursday, Justin Timberlake released his new song "T.K.O." late last night. His team uploaded the new track to his YouTube page, but don't get your hopes up: There isn't an accompanying video, it's just the song. "T.K.O." is off his album The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2, which is scheduled to hit stores Sept. 30, and it's the second song released off the record. "Take Back the Night" was the first to be thrust upon the masses two months ago.

If you're not up on your boxing metaphors, Timberlake's "T.K.O." will get you there. The song's all about being knocked out (K.O.'d) by a love, and with lyrics like, "It cuts right on my eye, yeah it hurt, won’t lie/ Still can’t see, think I saw you with another guy/ Can’t fight, knocked down, then I got over you/ Can’t fight no more, you knock me out/ What am I supposed to do?", J.T. likens a failing relationship to a boxing match. It's deep, you guys.

As far as the song sounds (as opposed to it's message), it's pretty standard fare. You know it's J.T. as soon as the beat starts, and the fact that Timberland is on the song makes it sound similar to every other J.T./Timberland collaboration; the song's reminiscent of both "Cry My a River" off Justified and "What Goes Around... Comes Around" off FutureSex/LoveSounds.

So, if you like Justin Timberlake and if you like Justin Timberlake with Timberland and if you like tunes that are over seven minutes long, this song deserves a spot on your playlist. Enjoy.