LiLo for 'LOVE' Is Totally Refreshing

The fashion world finally seems to be letting Lindsay Lohan back into its good graces. With her recently launched PacSun clothing line and totally awesome Wonderland cover making headlines this fall, the former Mean Girl seems to be finding her footing once again and I couldn't be happier. If there's anything society loves more than a fall from grace, it's a comeback. Now, her rise to prominence is complete — Lindsay Lohan landed a coveted spot in LOVE's advent calendar!

LiLo joins the ranks of resident cool-girls Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr, and Hailey Baldwin by filming a short clip for LOVE. The minute long vid, directed by Liz Collins, features Lohan dancing around wearing a cardigan sweater and a military jacket (at different times) designed by Phillip Plein, according to Fashionista. Not only does she look super chic, she also appears genuinely happy. In fact, the final shot is of LiLo blowing a kiss and smirking at the camera with a look that says "I'm back, baby!"

Like many child actresses, Lohan went through a seriously rebellious phase and publicly battled with addiction following her rise to superstardom. It's great to see her looking fresh faced and freckled once again. Here's hoping this means the new and improved Lindsay is here to stay.

I guess this means we've forgiven her for Liz & Dick?