If People Who Don't Like Kids Were Honest

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like kids and those who don't, and while you can't help which one you are, it's generally considered impolite to publicly hate on children. So what would happen if people who don't like kids were honest? Thanks to a new Buzzfeed video, we can all get something of an idea. And actually, for the sake of social cohesion, it might be best if we all keep to the status quo.

While it's true that babies are adorable when doing things like wearing Halloween costumes or dancing to Katy Perry songs, it's also true that most people who don't have kids can agree that the best part of babies is that you can give them back to their parents to deal with once they start crying. I mean, crying babies are awful. What do they even want? Does anyone know? And while things get better once children start walking and talking and watching decent television shows, the point still stands.

Still, you can't exactly go around saying that you think other people's children are awful. For one thing, those of us who do like kids will think you're being harsh. For another, the child's parents will probably stop being friends with you. But thanks to Buzzfeed we all have a glimpse into this world where people who can't stand children are able to express that without reservation. And it's kind of hilarious.