This JCPenney Video Might Make You Cry

You know the person that always finds themselves crying at cheesy reality shows, Cheerios commercials, or basically anything that features a cute puppy? Yeah, thats me. So, naturally, when JCPenney released "The Gift Of Giving" video that featured giving shoppers the opportunity to selflessly gift other shoppers in the store, I was crying almost immediately. You know the happy, smile-through-the-tears, "Gosh, humanity really is mostly good" type of crying? Exactly. The random shoppers are shown gifting other people with Christmas presents for their kids, a new coat, and even an engagement ring — anything they want, all paid for by JCPenney. Oh yes, I sobbed.

Asking people if it's better to give or to receive is how the video starts, with most of the shoppers describing the warm fuzzy feeling of giving gifts and a few dark souls who say they prefer receiving gifts (JK about the dark souls thing; everyone likes getting gifts).

As the video goes on, you see shoppers asking other surprised shoppers in the store what they would like for Christmas. Generally people are surprised, happy, and, although a little confused, very thankful. Some people cry (or maybe that was mostly me), others simply say thank you a whole lot. In any case, it's incredibly heartwarming. Feel bad about not finishing your Christmas shopping for friends and family yet? Me too.

Alright, now get those Kleenex out.