You Can Own A Piece Of 'Breaking Bad'

Well, there goes our savings. On Friday, Screenbid, a site that sells items from movies and TV shows, will be auctioning off props from Breaking Bad. Goodbye, retirement plan, hello, Saul's Hello Kitty cell phone!

The auction, which will begin on Sept. 29, the night of the finale, features 250 items from the show. The majority of the props are available to be viewed now, but many won't be released until the final episode airs, for spoilers' sake. The prices range from as low as $10 dollars (a skeleton) to as high as $5,000 (the Vamanos truck), and Screenbid co-founder Bill Block told The New York Times that he estimates that the total collection of props could be sold for more than $2 million.

Breaking Bad fans will salivate over the items for sale, which include everything from Skyler's car to Holly's infant carrier. Unfortunately, though, anyone hoping to buy the famous meth lab RV is going to be out of luck - Sony, the show's producer, is keeping it for their studio tour. Oh, well.

Still, there are a ton of items that we're thinking about buying, if just so that we can say, "we own a piece of Breaking Bad, bitch!" Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Hector Salamanca's bell

"This iconic, one-of-a-kind bell is direct from the Breaking Bad set, and will bring the sound of Breaking Bad anywhere it goes. A beautiful, recognizable, and unique piece that can be yours only through ScreenBid."

Starting bid: $3,500

2. Walt's inscribed "Leaves of Grass"

"Only three inscribed copies of Leaves of Grass were used onscreen. This book is a must for the serious collector and will make an outstanding addition to any collection."

Starting bid: $3,000

3. Teddy Bear

"This pink teddy bear is one of the most recognizable props in all of Breaking Bad."

Starting bid: $1,500

4. Walt's Hazmat suit

"The extremely recognizable item is one of the very hazmat suits that Bryan Cranston wore onscreen."

Starting bid: $1,500

5. Hello Kitty phone

"This is the actual, very recognizable telephone that Saul, Hank, and Jesse all handle during the final season of Breaking Bad, several times in close-up."

Starting bid: $100

6. Los Pollos Hermanos Chicken Bucket

"This chicken bucket, complete with cartoon chicken logo, was screen-used in Breaking Bad. It's sure to make Breaking Bad fans smile, and will be a colorful and valuable addition to any collection."

Starting price: $25

Images: AMC, Screenbid