You Have NEVER Seen a Beard LIke This

Beards are really having their moment right now. Granted, beards have always been pretty popular for men, but now beards are just downright trendy. Why even wear a pair of Warby Parkers and drink coffee if you don't have a beard to go with it? Am I right? Still, as many beards as you've have seen popping up left and right in recent years, you have never — and I really do mean NEVER — seen facial hair like Isaiah Webb's. Webb AKA 'Incredibeard' on Instagram (yes, he's kind of a big deal) transforms his beard into... well, whatever he wants, really. Whether it's an octopus or literally a Thanksgiving cornucopia (it happened), Webb manages to make it happen. And it is crazy.

According to Elite Daily, Webb has been sculpting beards for a few years now. That makes sense given some of his beard creations are so intricate it's hard to believe that they're even real to begin with. I can't even french braid my own hair and here is this guy sculpting his facial hair into a Christmas tree, complete with real lights and ornaments. Really.

You may be thinking, "Who even has the time to sculpt their facial hair into these things?" Well, apparently Webb does, and so far it's worked out pretty well for him, I think. With close to 50,000 followers on Instagram, a website and a trademarked name (so don't go stealing the whole 'Incredibeard' thing) for his brand, it's safe to say that Webb and his beard are doing pretty well.

And in case the creations I've already listed weren't enough to spike your curiosity, here's some more of Webb's Incredibeard "sculptures."

So. Incredibly. Cool.

Image: Incredibeard/Instagram