Which Emmy Nominee's With Young Conan?

Did this past summer feel a little sadder to you? Your funny bone feel a little big spurned? That's likely because over the course of the season, we were forced to watch our DVRs get filled up by Big Brother, plenty of reruns... and absolutely no Louie. Facing a 2013 without Louie was a prospect (almost) as sad as Louie's New Year's Eve, and while we respect the fact that the comedian decided to take a year off for a much-needed break ("I'm looking back to when I did the first season and the time I took to do the show and decide which directions to go in and I want that back again," he said after announcing the hiatus), it doesn't mean we have to like it. Because, frankly, during the course of summer 2013, we. Were. Bored.

That's not to say we're completely without Louis C.K. this season. The comedian has an HBO special, Oh My God, available to fans, and he's recently made the talk show rounds to promote the project... or because he heard we've missed him? And, on Thursday night, the actor — who's nominated for an Emmy, which he'll likely sadly lose to 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin Sunday — appeared on Conan to talk about their humble beginnings (and this photo, which includes a young O'Brien, Louis C.K., and even Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk).

The discussion, about Louis' early days on Conan O'Brien's Late Night staff, was equal parts charming and hilarious, with the Louie star copping to being difficult and writing ill-advised jokes for O'Brien ("I watched you just bravely take a boo that belonged to me"). But the interview's best gem? A story about the actor's attempt to pick up a young, promising actress named Gwyneth Paltrow: "I remember thinking, I think I'm going to marry this really cute actress and move to California and have a whole different life." As you could imagine, it didn't quite work out that way.

Watch Louis C.K.'s four-part interview with O'Brien below to quell your summer boredom.