Kat Von D Launches Interactive Fan Beauty Site

Kat Von D, the notoriously badass tattoo artist we all know from TLC's LA Ink (that cool tattoo show circa 2007), didn't start off with the best public image. She was perhaps best known for her time in the limelight when she began dating Sandra Bullock's ex-hubby, Jesse James, which instantly garnered her some hateful attention. However, she was able to turn it all around when she launched her very own successful makeup line for Sephora in 2008. Now, Kat Von D has launched KATVONDBEAUTY.COM, a unique interactive website that connects fans to the glamourous beauty brand with an unfiltered inside look into Kat's personal social content.

The site captures Von D's incredible talent, tapping into her imagination with inspirational mood boards and style ideas, makeup-tutorials and how-to's, and insider info on all of the products. The best part? The cool social site spotlights fan photos tagged #KVDLook on Instagram, chosen by the artist herself.

Von D posted a personal note about the project, explaining "Although I absolutely adore interacting with you all on Twitter and Instagram, I feel like I always end up missing so much of the amazing content you guys post. Now, we’ll have a place where all of your inspiring photos and videos can live for everyone to see." What an originally genius idea. Get your hashtags ready, beauty junkies.