Woman Pulls Off World's Most Amazing Jenga Move

I'm a card and board game person, which basically means that I'm competitive but not a great athlete. (Like, going running, on purpose? Why? Who does that?) But I'm always down to clown with some good, old-fashioned, cutthroat, friendship-ruining board games...uh, I mean, a friendly competition. Very casual. No tears involved. Definitely not. Unless we're facing off in Euchre, Scattergories, Jeopardy!, or billiards, because then I shall show no mercy and crush the puny souls of anyone unwise enough to go against me. Sorry, back to the point.

I have to admit that I am no great Jenga master, however. The classic block stacking game draws in players from all ages with it's simple objective: Create the tallest tower that you can, moving one block at a time, without causing the whole thing to crumble to the ground. It's not easy, and is made harder with the inclusion of various alcohols, which happens to be my favorite way to play the game. ("No, no, I didn't knock the whole thing over, it was the tequila!") I'm not sure if the woman in this video was playing the sober or intoxicated version of the game, but either way, the move she pulls off is impressive as hell.