Here's What 200 Calories of All Your Christmas Food Looks Like, Sorry to Break It To You

If you are watching your calories this holiday season but need a little visual guidance to help you gauge your portions and food choices, look no further. The team at Calorific created a bunch of images showing what 200 calories of Christmas food really looks like, from mulled wine to Christmas ham to stuffing. So if you want to torture yourself and consume servings that, to me, look like they are designed for hamsters or very, very small puppies, follow the Calorific images exactly and you'll be golden.

Christmas calorie visuals aren't the only thing Calorific is good at. If you download the app, you can alphabetically search a variety of foods in alphabetical order, from avocados to corn to milk to swiss rolls, and see what 200 calories of each one would look like. There is also an option to search by category ("vegetables" or "sweets and treats") or weight and even a little "Did you know?" section that has little fun facts about calories in food.

To be very clear, unless you have a dietary restriction that dictates your caloric intake, I do not promote limiting your plates to 200 calories during the Holiday season because Christmas food is great and why not treat yourself after making it through another calendar year. But these pictures are beautiful and worth checking out regardless.

Images: Calorific