6 New Years Eve Outfits That'll Take You Straight from Grandma's House to a Midnight Toast at the Bar

Finding the perfect New Years Eve outfit can be super stressful, especially if you have a couple of events to attend. Starting at the family get-together your mom organized, then heading to your college roommate's party downtown doesn't really make for an easy outfit decision. You can't exactly waltz in to mom and dad's house wearing a skin-tight mini skirt and sequined heels (unless you can, and that's awesome), and you don't want to show up to a party in jeans and a blouse (unless that's your thing — once again, totally cool). I know that every single year my goal is to find the perfect in-between ensemble that will work wherever I am, be it an office party at work, dinner with my grandma, or a party limo with a stripper pole. I try to always be prepared, and you can too. It's easy, you just have to shop around a bit and think ahead.

Since New Years Eve is all about new, sparkly, shiny things, I've created several different outfit scenarios that honor the glamor and the fun that is New Years. So don't stress — you don't need to bring a bundle of different outfits to your parent's house before going out!

1. The Classic LBD

This look is totally classy, perfect if you've got a formal event to go to, or simply if you want to really do it up for the night.

2. Floral And Glitz

This look is super fun and whimsical. If the gold heels are a bit much to wear around your grandparents, swap 'em for some black, gold, or pink flats.

3. A Little Blue

If you're looking for a more comfortable dress, this one lets you breathe, but it's still nice enough for a dinner party. Pair with some booties, or black pumps.

4. Edgy Glam

I firmly believe that everyone should own at least one sequined dress in their life. They basically embody New Years Eve, and this one will make you feel like a 21st century flapper girl.

5. Laid-Back Boho

When you live in really cold parts of the world, maybe a tiny dress just isn't what you're looking for. This long-sleeved number covers you up a bit, and you can get even more bundled up with some tights.

6. Pretty Pants

If you're not a dress-wearing kind of gal, I totally get it. Especially when it's freezing outside, the last thing we really feel like doing is frolicking about in a mini. But just because you don't feel like dressing it up, doesn't mean you have to completely dress down. This sequined top is super fun, and pairing it with some skinny black jeans makes the whole ensemble look fun, but put together.

Images: asife/Fotolia; Polyvore