This "(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” Cover Was Done Entirely On An iPad and It's Pretty Incredible — VIDEO

In what might as well be a commercial for Apple, Samurai Guitarist Steve-san Onotera covers Blue Oyster Cult's “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” solely using his iPad and his voice. It’s incredible. To top off his undeniable talent (or ability to multi-task, one may argue), he also created a music video, in which he essentially makes sweet, sweet love to the camera. In the music video, he plays with the effects to make it look like there are, like, seven of him making love to the camera, and it's really just the best.

While many may be skeptical of “iPad rock” (yes, that's a genre just made up), Garage Band (which I assume he’s using), is actually a super cool tool to use to make music. Furthermore, it’s not like DJs and electro artists aren’t primarily using their Macbook Pros to make the music you listen to at the gym, so Samurai Guitarist isn't doing anything too new (not to say this isn't awesome).

Not that I’m suggesting we need to kill off instruments that don’t need to be charged. But we should give credit where credit is totally due, and this cover of is pretty rad. Also? There is a lot of cowbell. Enjoy the cowbell.

Image: YouTube