Santa Claus Look-A-Like Hands Out $100 Bills in Massachusetts, Proves The Christmas Spirit Is Alive And Well

Christmas has apparently come early to the state of Massachusetts. A man who many have described as a Santa Claus look-a-like is reportedly handing out money to the employees of several fast food chains in the city of Hyannis. Well, it looks like someone’s definitely feeling that holiday spirit.

Per the Boston Globe, this real-life St. Nick paid visits to the local branches of Marylou’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and McDonald’s, among other places, dressed in a Santa costume and began handing out envelopes — each of which had the message “Merry Christmas” written on the front and contained a $100 bill inside — to the employees. Talk about a nice Christmas surprise!

According to one Dunkin’ Donuts manager’s description of the encounter at her store, the man ended up handing out 19 envelopes. That means he gave out a total of $1900… and mind you, that’s at only one location. Plus, this year isn’t the first time he’s made an appearance. Last year, he reportedly gave out $50 in his envelopes. This year, he apparently decided to up the ante even further.

Obviously, it’s a super generous gesture, the likes of which you don’t see all too often. But what makes it all the better? The man doesn’t seem to want any recognition for it. None of the employees even know who he is, meaning the mystery Santa really is just doing it all out of the goodness of his heart. Pretty amazing — not to mention, a good reminder of what the holiday is really about in this final lead-up to Christmas.

Image: Giphy