What Does Your Dog Do When You Leave The House? The Answer Is So Adorably Pitiful — VIDEO

Have you ever wondered what kinds of shenanigans your dog gets into as soon as you leave your house? Well, now you have the opportunity to find out. Vicariously, at least. In this video, a guy attaches a GoPro to his dog's collar in order to see what he does as soon as his owner leaves. The results are heartbreaking (but really stinkin' cute).

After the dog's owner shuts the door, he has no idea what to do with himself. He stares at the door for awhile, perhaps hoping that if he looks at it long enough, his buddy will come back. When that doesn't work, the pooch wanders over to the Christmas tree and window, and looks outside to see if he can gather any clues as to what happened to his owner.

Out of grief and despair, the dog sprints over to his human's room, because maybe, just maybe he's in there hiding. Sniffing around the covers and the mattress, our lonely pup then heads back to the door, just in case his owner was just tricking him and making him think that he left. He circles back to the window, and then back to the room, and just starts bawling when he (probably) realizes he's alone FOREVER (aka, maybe like an hour).

This reminded me of all those times my parents dropped me off at pre-school and I totally couldn't handle it and spent circle time sobbing. So hey dog, I totally feel you. I promise it does get better.