Will Arnett's Awkward Red Carpet Moment

And the award for most awkward moment of the 2013 Emmys goes to... Will Arnett and his Entertainment Tonight interviewer!

Congratulations, ET — you took home the prize before the show even started! While walking the Emmys red carpet, an ET interviewer asked Arnett the basic questions: How are you? Who are you wearing? How's your wife? Too bad he and Amy Poehler aren't married anymore.

Yes, the reporter had to remind all of the viewers out there, and Arnett himself, that comedy's most beloved couple is divorced. As if we weren't upset enough after seeing them walk the red carpet separately. The mistake came up when the reporter tried to make a joke about his wife taking long to get ready and being nominated for an award, to which Arnett had to clarify that he wasn't married. Yikes.

Luckily, Arnett is always funny and charming, so he didn't let it derail the interview, but everyone who saw the exchange was taken aback. Maybe the Emmys can help us all recover from this tragedy with a quick shot of the amicable exes chatting before a commercial? It would definitely help the witnesses who had to turn to Twitter to express their shock and despair.

Same guys, same.