This Bacon Christmas Tree by Oh, Bite It Is The Best Thing You'll See This Holiday Season — Learn How To Make One Yourself

I HAD to… I just had to! Come on now, I was in the mood to have some whimsical holiday bacon fun, and I may or may not have been dared to make this bacon Christmas tree. But this isn’t just incredibly unique and festive — it’s also delicious and will quite possibly be the BEST appetizer you serve this entire season.

It’s a centerpiece, it’s a conversation starter, it’s a one of a kind nibble and giggle all in one. And this little piggy tree packs a punch, featuring three pounds of bacon, one cup of frosting, and lots and lots of self control. It comes together super easily, and the constant smell of bacon throughout your house will have everyone in awe, waiting, drooling, and hypnotized by this edible artwork you’re so generously going to bestow on them.

Set this on your table, and count the seconds until it’s gone... trust me!

What you’ll need for one (5" base, 6" tall) bacon tree:

  • 3 pounds of bacon, thin sliced
  • 1-2 cups of vanilla or maple frosting, aka glue or garnish. You can also go in a savory direction and use cream cheese as a glue, with all kinds of edible decorations
  • Add any edible treats for decorating that you like
  • A mini muffin tin to cook up the bacon balls


1. Cut the bacon strips equally in half, and place each slice into the muffin tin in a ball shape.

2. Bake them at 350 degrees for approximately 20 minutes, or until the bacon balls are crispy and golden.

3. Remove them from the pan and let them cool.

4. Form your base with a circle of bacon balls, and start building up, using a dab of frosting for the "glue" that will hold each layer together.

5. Decorate the tree however you'd like, which I'm almost positive will look better than mine.

6. Let it "dry" for about an hour before serving.

7. Then place that glorious tree on the table, and let everyone chop it down. Enjoy!

Images: Oh, Bite It! (4)