Does Success in the Office Mean Success In Bed?

It looks like the old portrayal of frigid female bosses with a stick up their butt and no romantic life to speak is far from reality. A new survey indicates that professionally successful women have higher sex drives.

The survey, published in the ever dubious Daily Mail, was conducted by lingerie brand Coco de Mer. The brand asked 1,000 participants questions about how money and success affected their sex lives. A quarter of the men surveyed said that women who are successful in their professional lives are also, hem, motivated in their sex lives, while a third of women reported that men who are driven in the office are also driven in the bedroom. However, even though top earners are more zealous in bed, 46 percent of women and 40 percet of men said that the best lovers have annual salaries of around $23,000 to $47,000, while another quarter of both men and women say the best lovers come from a salary range of $47,000 to $78,000.

The survey also revealed that salary plays a role in the type of partner that participants prefer to sleep with. Almost 40 percent of the women surveyed like when their partner earns more than them, while 60 percent are fine if the salaries are equal, and a minority 2 percent of women like their lover to earn less than them. On the other hand, the majority of men, 78 percent, would rather their partner earn the same as them, and 11 percent prefer their lover to earn more.

The lesson here is that success is sexy, and it makes sense that women with ambitious careers are also driven in other parts of their lives. So, it looks as if that frigid boss is gettin’ some after all, and her partner probably likes that she earns more.

Image: Walt Disney Studios