Trailer for the Documentary on JD Salinger is Out and Whetting Our Appetites

The trailer for a new documentary on JD Salinger came out this weekend, and it looks like one of the most exciting movies this year for book-devotees. Here's a peek at the clip:

The Weinstein Company on YouTube

Yes, yes, we're all up to speed on Catcher and Salinger's other titles, but following his death in 2010, the world hoped that more writing would be discovered and published. And frustratingly, we're still waiting. Both his son and widow, the executers of his estate, have refused to even confirm or deny the existence of any manuscripts. So I’ll just start tearing my hair out now.

But in the meantime, the new documentary might feed our curiosity for a while. Although the trailer seems a bit sensationalist, I’ll be the first to admit that is what trailers do. The film promises to explore the tortured author from his World War II service to his early writing career and personal life. The film seems to be structured as a mystery, fitting for one of America’s most elusive and intriguing 20th century authors. It’s particularly welcome to the majority of us who discovered Salinger long after he’d disappeared from the public eye.

So now the waiting begins for that as well, but at least the film has a release date: September 6, 2013. It feels like a long time, doesn’t it?