What Couples Say Vs. What They Mean

We all know that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but there is also no denying the headaches and frustration that can come with extended family, gift giving, and excessive amounts of eggnog— especially when spending the holidays with a beau. Inspired by this, Buzzfeed made a funny video entitled “What Couples Say Vs. What They Mean During the Holidays,” which captures the struggles that couples face when trying to survive Christmastime together.

Sure, a couple may love each other, but that doesn’t mean that they are always direct with one another. When it comes to gift giving, indulging in holiday treats, and sharing family customs, sometimes it’s best to leave some things unsaid. In the video, the man tells his girlfriend that his family is “high energy” during the holidays when what he really means is that they get plastered. When he asks her what she wants for Christmas, she insists that he surprise her, when she is really planning on having her friends drop hints about her perfect gift. And as for decorating, the woman suggests that they go out and find the perfect tree to set up in the living room, while privately noting that she will be partaking in the looking, and her boyfriend will be doing all of the setting up.

So, even though the holidays may be a beautiful time of year, when push comes to shove they may not be all that romantic, not matter how may times you watch Love Actually or The Holiday . For more funny commentary on what couples have to deal with during the holiday season, watch the full video below.

Image: BuzzFeedYellow / YouTube