Women Undergoing Chemotherapy Replace Their Eyebrows With Very Festive Substitutes — PHOTOS

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A trend called #christmaschemobrow invites women undergoing chemotherapy treatments to celebrate Ye Olde Yuletide by fixing seasonal eyebrows to their faces. Some favorites tweeted with the hashtag thus far include hand-painted holly, actual gift bows, tiny pies. And yes, he aforementioned carrot unibrow.

The women kickstarting the festive phenomenon are all part of the UK-based Younger Breast Cancer Network, an online support group for women under 45 in the UK and Ireland diagnosed with breast cancer. YBCN member Sarah Perry told BuzzFeed News the "chemobrow" is good for "distraction and laughs," especially amid the stress and chaos of the holidays. "Christmas can be a difficult time of year for younger women going through treatment like chemotherapy for breast cancer, especially when it is making them ill and preventing them from joining in the festive parties and celebrations," Perry says.

#Christmaschemobrow puts a tinsel-y twist on the year-round-appropriate #chemobrow, a trend inspired by a BuzzFeed article featuring awesomely terrible hand-drawn eyebrows. A photo Perry posted of herself grinning below a pair of homemade holiday brows inspired dozens more cheery interpretations. Now the hashtag is flooding Twitter with a bevy of uplifting photos.

Image: YBCN/Twitter

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