Trouble Finding Clothes That Fit? You're Not Alone

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for returns! Why are malls so crowded on December 26th with people scrambling to exchange the gifts they received? According to new data by Fitbay (the company that revealed which brands are most guilty of vanity sizing), it's not ungratefulness — it's bad fit! Literally no one can find the right size clothing, for themselves or for anyone else. So don't get mad at Aunt Marge when she gets you a reindeer sweater that's 8 sizes too large this Christmas. I'm sure she means well.

Fitbay is an app designed to, yes, help you find clothes that actually fit your body type. The brand collected data from approximately 10,000 users and conducted external research — all cited in their handy infographic, printed below — to get the scoop on shopping for the right size. As anyone who's ever gone jean shopping could probably tell you, there's no real way to predict your sizing across brands. Fitbay's research sheds some light on just how industry-wide this problem really is.

According to their infographic, the number one reason why 20 percent of clothing items we see in-store never find a home is because of poor fit. I'd venture to guess that bad sizing is also the reason for another alarming statistic — one in ten people have cried in a fitting room. I've certainly been there. Unfortunately, instead of blaming the messed up industry, we blame ourselves, which leads to poor body image. Check out Fitbay's data below and remember to cut yourself some slack next time your usual size 8 jeans feel snug in an unfamiliar dressing room!

Image: Courtesy Fitbay