20 Sequined Dresses, Shoes, And Other Sparkly Things You Need For New Year's Eve

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New Year's Eve is quickly approaching and if you don't already have an outfit planned, you only have a little bit of time to find something that will start 2015 off right. You probably already know what's coming, but I'm going to suggest it anyway: sequins.

Yes, it's a given, bordering on a cliche, that most women will wear sequins to celebrate New Year's Eve. But there's good reason for it! They go with everything, whether you want to wear jeans or a faux fur coat; they evoke the sparkle of the night, from bubbling champagne to fireworks; and even if you don't like to go all-out with a sequin dress, it's easy to add a touch of sequins with shoes or a clutch.

So in the spirit of sparkle, here are 20 items that will brighten up your New Year's Eve outfit. Whether you believe sequins are a neutral or you haven't bought a single sparkly thing in your life (such restraint!), there is something here for everyone.

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