Want To Rent A Gingerbread House?

Airbnb, which lets you rent a private home just about anywhere, is pretty old news by now... but have you ever stayed in a gingerbread house? Thanks to the generosity and creativity of award-winning advertising agency McKinney whose designers whipped up "GingerbreadBNB" pro bono, now you can rent a gingerbread house for the holidays and help to shelter the homeless. Gingerbread BNB, via Buzzfeed, is taking visitors on a fantasy virtual vacation of their dreams, and donating all the proceeds to shelter the homeless in New York City.

Need a last-minute gift for that family member you don't even really know? Who could resist such charming imaginary digs! With 520 nights booked on GingerbreadBNB as of Christmas Eve afternoon, that's 48 families who have been helped in in partnership with Robin Hood (New York's largest poverty-fighting organization). It costs Robin Hood just $100 to keep a family off the street for the night, so instead of buying random, frivolous gifts at the last minute, consider GingerbreadBNB.

All you have to do is choose from the "Modern Home," "Rustic Cabin," or "Cozy Camper," and you'll be on your (virtual) way in no time!

Though most reviews from GingerbreadBNB renters were positive, please note: "Guests provide their own meals... do not eat the walls." But with amenities like mid-century taffy furniture, fully equipped kitchen with graham cracker countertops, and a fully stocked macaroon fridge, who could resist? As long as the New York Attorney General doesn't crack down on these rentals too, let's hope that Gingerbread BNB can enjoy as much popularity as its original counterpart.

Image: Carrie Stephens / Flickr, Tony Pearce /