Rita Ora Strips Down For Mrs. Clause Xmas Photo

It's Christmas Day and your social media feeds are likely bombarded with cute celebrity santa selfies and family photos under the tree. It didn't happen if there isn't a picture to prove it right? The well-known unwritten rule has got every celeb snapping pics of how they are celebrating the big day. One particular starlet is getting decked out (or rather decked down) to get in the holiday spirit this year. Rita Ora stripped down to her undergarments in a Mrs. Clause themed Christmas photo, showcasing her naughty side.

Although the picture is a bit racy, coming off perhaps a tad too provocative, I've got to hand it to her — girlfriend looks good. The British singer flashed her super-toned tummy and glowing skin with fresh-faced, barely there makeup that looks totally gorgeous. She completed her take on Mrs. Clause with a teeny tiny black bra, gold jewels, and of course a santa hat. I bet ex-lover Calvin Harris is eating his heart out now. That's totally what she was hoping to achieve with this right? Come on, it's the oldest trick in the book.

What do you think, did she make the naughty list this year?