#FeministNewYearsResolutions Shows Women Being Hilarious, and Trolls Being The Worst — PHOTOS

Remember when Women Against Feminism was a thing? Technically—and unfortunately—it still is. Their Facebook page still has 412 members, and if you actually look up the trending hashtag, #FeministNewYearsResolutions, you'll see that the anti-feminist movement is still going strong. While #FeministNewYearsResolution was started to create awareness about the struggles that women constantly face, as well as to sarcastically point out that Women Against Feminism is counter-intuitive, some gross humans have managed to steal the hashtag and hijack its meaning. Oh, Internet. I can always count on you to foster all of society's ugliness.

Tweets that claim rape and the wage gap between men and women are myths are trying to swallow the #FeministNewYearsResolution movement whole, but a lot of really smart, strong, hilarious women are reclaiming ownership of the hashtag, and it's awesome (although it's really pathetic we even need to battle this topic out, guys). For whatever backwards reason, the word "feminism" is still getting a bad reputation (if you're on the fence, or don't understand its real implications and meaning, read this), but hopefully by 2016 we can clear things up. Or not.

In the meantime, here are some of the best #FeministNewYearsResolutions tweets:

Images: Getty Images; Ijeoma Oluo, Samantha Escobar, Ann Kilzer, Rocky Balboner, Shannon Miller, Justina Ireland,Dr. Elizabeth Switaj /Twitter