In Other News: September 23, 2013

IRS Head Lois Lerner announced her retirement following a controversy alleging her department unfairly scrutinized the Tea Party and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. An investigation is still underway.

Police say a New York City mob attacked a Sikh professor, thinking he was a Muslim, which is upsetting on not one, but two levels.

Former British Tony Blair said that "no serious person" would deny climate change, as a new study also revealed that (duh) children will bear the brunt of its future effects.

The White House celebrated Bisexual Visibility Day ... with a closed door event.

No, it wasn't just you: Google confirmed that there were Gmail delays for "less than 50 percent" of its users today, which is a fancy way of saying 48 percent, we're guessing.

Married cancer patients are apparently more likely to survive than single patients, which sounds like a study your mother co-authored.

A new study also finds those mid-day naps at preschool really do help kids learn, while yet more research finds that sleep may be helpful for adults wanting to overcome phobias. How about work naps?

Walter White's tighty-whities are up for auction.

Oh, and Mick Jagger is about to become a great-grandfather, so if that doesn't make your parents feel old, nothing will.