Kylie Jenner Goes Without Lipstick, But With a Fierce Coat, To the Grocery Store; Puts Our Sweatpants and Yoga Wear To Shame

The grocery store may not have a runway per se, but it does have aisles, so I mean, any excuse to dress up, right? Kylie Jenner went to the grocery store without her now infamous lined lips, but she was rocking a crop top and a gorgeous oversized coat. So she was clearly the best dressed person in the produce department.

Most people I see at the grocery store are wearing some version of yoga attire, sweat pants, or lounge wear one step away from being pajamas. But Kylie does "relaxed" in a slightly more stylish manner. The 17-year-old picked up some groceries at Ralph's in Los Angeles on Sunday wearing a black crop top, black jeans, a long, camel Max Mara coat, and $1296 Ann Demeulemeester black lace up military boots. NBD.

In her defense, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star did look comfy. I mean, it's not like she was wearing 6 inch stilettos or a cocktail dress or something, and in all honesty this outfit (minus the crop top) would probably blend right in in New York City, but to run to Ralph's in LA it's a little...over the top. But then again, if I had a coat like that hanging in my closet, I'd be wearing it to the grocery store, too.

Images: Getty Images; EOnlineUK/Twitter