AirAsia Flight Overshoots The Runway & Lands In Grass Just Days After QZ8501 Went Missing

Just hours after debris from missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 was discovered in the Java Sea, the Indonesia airline had another frightening incident. An AirAsia plane overshot a runway on a landing Tuesday in the Philippines at Kalibo International Airport. According to The Washington Post, there was severe weather in the area, and the flight was already delayed at least two hours before it departed from the Filipino capital Manila.

Once the plane landed — in a grassy area — passengers had to disembark through inflatable emergency slides on either side of the plane. Filipino news website reported that no one was injured during the hard landing, though at least one person was taken to the hospital because of elevated blood pressure.

AirAsia released a statement Tuesday confirming the dangerous landing:

AirAsia Philippines confirms flight Z2 272 from Manila skidded off the Kalibo International Airport runway at 5:43PM upon landing. All 153 passengers and crew were able to disembark safely, no injuries reported. All passengers are now at a hotel assisted by AirAsia staff. added that several other flights that departed from Manila on Tuesday were rerouted and forced to turn back because of the powerful winds and heavy rain in the region.

Image: Getty Images