Madonna Needs to Hire These Two Girls to Teach Her How to Vogue Because They Make Her Look Like an Amateur — VIDEO

Are you ready to see a dance video that makes Madonna's music video for "Vogue" look like the Macarena? I know you are, because it is almost 2015 and we are still shamelessly all about dance videos, which is really the only consistent trait the Internet has to offer (that, and #Caturday, and a love of pizza). In this Aya Sato Workshop, you get to watch two girls (who could also possibly be Topshop models) demonstrate dance moves you've undoubtedly never seen before. They've synchronized their goth-electro-robot-catwalk dance to where it's so on point, even their hair bounces to the beat at the exact same time. It's the coolest thing, ever.

Obviously, after watching this, I tried to do it myself, which would have probably been really entertaining (in a really sad, "oh, honey" way) for anyone to witness. Just FYI—it's really, really hard. The dance students in the classroom make it look easy as they imitate this routine, but the movement is incredibly fast, and you just have to be on your game with how you angle your arms and torso.

Watch this video and feel yourself grow mesmerized, and also consider including this in your workout routine, because it is way more rad than Zumba.


Image: YouTube