Cute Old Man Tells a Shockingly Dirty Joke

You know when your parents or your grandparents tell a really, really dirty joke and you can't help but laugh and love them even harder because it's so strangely endearing? Like, "Awww, filthy words are coming out of your mouth, but I still want to hug you!" Such is the case with this old man, who is relaying a (very) sexual penguin joke while holding an ice cream cone. The dirty joke is inspired by said ice cream cone; the man begins by saying, "A penguin is driving his car down the road, and all the sudden he hears noise coming from the car." Apparently, there is something wrong with the penguin's car, so while it's getting fixed, the penguin goes and gets ice cream from an ice cream truck, because that is what penguins do when their cars break down. "So he goes over there and he's eating an ice cream like this, and he's having a good time," the old man continues, waving his ice cream cone to gesture what the penguin's treat looked like.

I'll let gramps share the punchline with you, because it's way more epic (and shocking) that way. All I can say is that the penguin had a really, really good time with that ice cream.

Image: YouTube