Mesmerizing Video Shows How to DIY Melt Metal

Finding ways to recycle aluminum cans and other scrap metal can be challenging if simply dumping them isn't an option you're fond of. If you ever felt like making DIY muffins, mini bundt cakes, bears, and swords out of all those aluminum cans you might have in the recycling bin (as we all do, right?), then look no further, because I have just the video for you. Using "backyard science," Grant Thompson (aka "The King of Random") gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make cool things out of soda cans, and it's definitely way cooler than Betty Crocker.

If you actually plan to build this backyard foundry (as opposed to just watching in awe, which is a fully valid choice, and definitely what I did), you first need to watch another video that shows you how to make a solid foundation out of cement and a pot. Then, you will also need charcoal, a crucible, a pipe, fire, and a bunch of cans (about 45). Once you've set your metal biscuit station up properly, you get to start melting cans down using tongs, gloves, and muffin tins. The video also shows how you can pour melted aluminum (which apparently gets super hot—good to know, science) in sand, and end up with an aluminum sword. It's basically magic, and it's the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Just a disclaimer: You might want to try this with a responsible human present. Since you're basically creating your own furnace out of scraps, it could potentially be a little dangerous.

Image: YouTube