Pres. Obama Says Stuart Scott 'Inspired' Him

Since news of ESPN SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott's passing broke, the heartfelt tributes and reactions have been numerous. LeBron James, Colin Hanks, Alyssa Milano and Kevin Hart were among the many athletes and celebrities who reacted to Scott's death on social media, and naturally, ESPN honored Scott with an incredibly moving tribute that recalled highlights from his life and career. The latest person to share sentiments on the celebrated broadcaster is Pres. Obama, who released a statement on Scott's passing.

The full official statement reads:

I will miss Stuart Scott. Twenty years ago, Stu helped usher in a new way to talk about our favorite teams and the day’s best plays. For much of those twenty years, public service and campaigns have kept me from my family – but wherever I went, I could flip on the TV and Stu and his colleagues on SportsCenter were there. Over the years, he entertained us, and in the end, he inspired us – with courage and love. Michelle and I offer our thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and colleagues.

Scott, who gained popularity for his vibrant delivery and coining colorful sports lingo, made headlines in July when he delivered an extremely touching and inspirational speech at the ESPYs in which he openly addressed his ongoing battle with cancer. Scott's passing is extremely sad, but it's worth noting that the commentary made by the president as well as by the late broadcaster's many other supporters show that the statements Scott made on the importance of maintaining courage and strength in the face of obstacles certainly were not in vain.