In Other News: September 24, 2013

Chicago shooting update: Four men now charged in last week's South Side basketball court violence that wounded 13.

Ted Cruz is now the Lone DeRanger of the anti-Obamacare Senate — and he doesn't even care because he doesn't need his friends anyway, okay?! It's all on Cruz Control from here until he rides off into the shutdown.

The Attorney General wants the FDA to regulate e-cigarettes because they're still cigarettes.

A 17-year-old girl with Down's Syndrome will model for Wet Seal.

The U.S. Army is set to ban tattoos below the elbow and knees. Uncle Sam's no fun.

Former president George Dubya defended Obama's habit of playing golf in order to blow off steam. Finally, something he's qualified to weigh in on.

It seems like everyone and their dog can get a degree now at UPenn.

An Iowa chapter of Delta Zeta is suing a nearby transcendental meditation center for falsely advertising itself as the sorority house. Maybe that's because the center owned the domain names and

Twitter as performance art is a thing, but not a horse.

And Double-Billed for an awesome selfie: