'Homeland' Actor Joins 'Hunger Games'

Another day, another Hunger Games casting. In its continued mission to fill the positions of all of the District's rebels, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay cast Omid Abtahi as Homes, one of Katniss' fellow soldiers.

Abtahi — an Iranian-born actor who's appeared in shows such as Revolution and Homeland, as well as in 2012's Argo — is the most recent in a slew of Mockingjay casting news. He will play a man from District 13, one in an ensemble of sharp-shooting soldiers assigned with Katniss for the rebellion's big battle against the Capitol. Recent castings have included Julianne Moore as President Coin, Pippin star Patina Miller as Commander Paylor, and Elden Henson as Pollux.

It's nice to see that recent casting news seems to be more diverse than some Hunger Games castings of the past; we're dealing with a world many hundreds of years in the future, so there's no reason for everyone to white. We've also seen from Abtahi's past roles (Homeland, etc.) that he's a talented guy, so we welcome his addition to the ensemble.

As for the role Homes plays in that aforementioned gear-up for battle, readers might remember him as instrumental in the moment in the books when the Holo gets transferred from Boggs to Katniss.

Filming for Mockingjay ha already kicked off in Atlanta.