Dan Harmon Is Sorry for Insulting Season 4 of 'Community'

The Dan Harmon apology cycle continues. Shortly after the Community creator unleashed a series of insults on the fourth season of Community and Moses Port and David Guarascio, the showrunners that temporarily took his place, the Season 5 showrunner apologized for his negative words. (Just as we predicted he would.)

After labeling Season 4 "not [his] cup of tea," and calling it "an impression — an unflattering one" of his work, Harmon penned a blog post that claimed he was simply "indulging [his] petty feelings about being left out."

Community's Fans

Of course, Harmon wrote, he was not considering the feelings of Community fans, especially those who had his back after Sony gave him the boot following Season 3. "If my goal had been to hurt someone, it would never have been you," he wrote. "What I said was disrespectful to your love for this show, love that I sometimes erroneously equate with validation of me as a person. I am unwittingly and unfortunately infamous for the amount I care about your opinion."

Harmon continued, "To keep from hurting you, I’m going to try thinking about you before saying things into microphones. I’m usually okay at it when I’m talking to actual press, because there’s a big visual reminder in the form of a cube on a mic or monkey in a diaper on the table. But when you’re listening to Harmontown, or, worse yet, reading transcripts from Harmontown, you’re catching me in unforgivably human moments."

Community's Season 4 Cast and Crew

So, about that portion of Harmon's podcast when he equated Season 4 to sexual assault... "Next I want to apologize to the people that did get paid to work on that season, but not enough: the cast and crew," Harmon wrote. "I get personal value out of being as honest as possible, but, honestly, how honest was what I said? It was dishonest to imply that something you worked on was as hard to watch as my family being assaulted."

Community's Writers

Harmon did concede during his podcast that taking on Season 4 was a tough feat, but, still, he regrets his unkind words. "You had to do something nobody should have to attempt, and you had the option of doing it the lazy way or the sellout way and you clearly did what you did because you were thinking of the fans," he wrote. "There was some amazing stuff in there. Funny jokes."

He continued, "Season 4 writers: Thank you and I’m sorry. As I went on to say in my podcast, the creatives are not the bad guys…I shouldn’t be letting an inhuman system that doesn’t care about humans enough turn humans against humans. Especially us. Don’t tell anyone I said this but all writers are better people than all non-writers. Nobody read that unless you’re a writer. I broke a code when I judged the work of writers with whom I wasn’t in the same trenches. I’ll suffer for it because I’ll be looking for a job soon enough and nobody will want to work with Judgy McPsycho Van Crieswhenhetypes."

The Disabled

Yep, Harmon offended them too. "I think when I did my impression of Season 4’s impression of me, I said “durpy durpy dur, I’m Dan Harmon,” which I think I saw someone point out is language used to dehumanize the developmentally disabled, and that’s not cool, I shouldn’t have done that."

We'd say all is well in Community land following Harmon's apology, but after four difficult seasons, we know better.

Image: NBC