Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook Has Leaked: Sound the Hipster-Parisian-Bohemian Alarm!

Set your alarms super-early for November 14, when the Isabel Marant for H&M collection hits stores, and prepare to line up outside your nearest H&M and tussle with your best friend over the last fringed-out scarf, the final pair of slouchy fall boots, and piles of cuddly, maybe-I-stole-it-from-my-dad sweaters and outerwear.

Part of Marant's fall lookbook for H&M was leaked yesterday over on The Fashion Spot, and now Vogue UK has the entire collection up.

We're happy to report that the overriding theme for this collab can be summed up in a single, neat moniker: French-Portland-hippie-patterned-fall chic. The colors are autumnally subdued (maroon is about as wild as it gets), but the fabrics and shapes are low-maintenance and fresh, from patterned jeans to effortless fall dresses, from a gold scarf to a luxe silver bomber jacket. Pro tip: the men's shirts look all drape-y and amazing; head over to the guys section to snag a few.

The grouchily oversized coats and prevalance of sweatshirts, soft t-shirts, and languid trousers make us so excited to curl up in a windowseat this fall, sipping a cappuccino and dreaming of — what else? — Paris.