Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Kim Kardashian & Gives the World a Great New Hashtag

Celebrities are used to issuing statements of apology, but I don't think this Charlie Sheen is. However, that isn't stopping him from apologizing to Kim Kardashian. On Tuesday morning, Sheen took to Twitter to bash Kim Kardashian with some really nasty insults. First reported by TMZ, apparently, Sheen called Kardashian everything from "gross" to a "giggly [sic] bag of funk." The posts have since been deleted.

Sheen's reported rant all started because Kardashian supposedly refused to give an autograph to a six-year-old girl. The Anger Management star did not find this cute or funny leading him to his Twitter rage.

Well, it seems Sheen feels bad and has issued an apology to Kardashian on Twitter. He wrote,

Of course, he still has no right to talk about anyone in a hurtful fashion, but if I do say so myself, his apology actually sounds sincere. Plus, we get to enjoy the fact that he used phrases like "my extreme bad" and "I'm an idiot as often as I'm a genius." In addition to his apology, another positive from this is that fantastic hashtag he offered up: #ShutUpSheen. Is it the new #Winning? I have a feeling it just might be.

Kardashian has yet to respond to any of this, but her BFF Jonathan Cheban has. FYI: his comments are from before Sheen's apology. On The Dishh, Cheban defended Kardashian by saying,

Cheban also tweeted this:

I have a feeling Jonathan Cheban will be saying #ShutUpSheen a lot.