Meet the 2015 Miss Golden Globes, Greer Grammer

Every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chooses the daughter or son of a Golden Globe winner to be Miss Golden Globe (or Mr. Golden Globe) and hand out statuettes. This year's Miss Golden Globe is Greer Grammer — but who is she? Not only is the chosen lady the daughter of Kelsey Grammer and makeup artist Barrie Buckner, but she has competed in beauty pageants and is an accomplished actress herself. However, Miss Golden Globe is not a pageant, as fun as that would be. It's basically just celebrity spawn getting dressed up and doing volunteer work, presumably for their high school transcripts. Or something like that, because Greer Grammer is a college graduate already.

"Greer" is actually her middle name. Her given first name is Kandace, which means that her initials are the same as her dad's! That's adorable, however, I like alliteration and I think she made a strong career choice by going with the more unusual name, especially to distinguish herself from her father and his body of work. Her half-sister, Spencer Grammer, is also an actress — and they've auditioned for the same roles before! According to her Twitter bio, Grammer was also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Southern California.

Another cool thing or two about Greer Grammer? According to an interview with ScreenInvasion, she plays soccer and has roommates! I never think of celebrities as having chore wheels and ordering takeout together, but there you go.

Past Miss and Mr. Golden Globes include Melanie Griffiths, Laura Dern, Rumer Willis, Dakota Johnson, and Freddie Prinze Jr. — so the 22-year-old Greer Grammer is in excellent company. However, nobody wants to be defined by their parents, even Hollywood royalty. So here's where you might know Grammer from, apart from being Frasier's daughter.


On the MTV series, Grammer plays the sometimes ditsy Lissa Miller. It's cool that a working television actress is Miss Golden Globe this year, considering that the Globes are the great connector between film and television. Her character on Awkward is a conservative, cheerleading, vice-Mean Girl. She recurred on the first two seasons of the series as Sadie's best friend, and then joined as a series regular in Season 3. Her stereotypical "Christian girl gone wild" antics have gotten old, and fans of the show are looking forward to a new Lissa when the show returns — and no, that does not mean hooking up with her adopted brother. Still gross! Can we get a Karen Smith-style makeover for Lissa?

The Big Screen

While her first role was on the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly, the younger Grammer has been making the leap to film since 2010. Lately, she appeared in the must-see independent comedy Life Partners, with fellow television mean girls Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs. You can see her as Mia in the trailer above with Academy Award winner Gabourey Sidibe as well. Her character is one of Meester's girlfriends with a distinct generational divide. Grammer also had a role in the holiday musical An Evergreen Christmas .

Maybe one day we'll see Grammer accepting a Golden Globe instead of giving them out.

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