How To Stream & Watch the 2015 People's Choice Awards Online, So You Don't Miss Out on All the Fun

Out of all the awards shows that will take place over the next few weeks, the 2015 People's Choice Awards, airing Wednesday, Jan. 5, is always bound to be one of the most memorable. Not just because it's the first official ceremony of the New Year, but also due to its rather laid back nature. Basically, anything can happen and diehard entertainment lovers need just sit back, relax, and see what kind of crazy outcome their votes provide. Indeed, there's no other night quite like it, which is why it would be a shame to have anyone miss out on all the excitement. So just in case work or a previous social engagement is keeping you away from your television this Wednesday night — or, dare I say, you just don't own a TV at all (gasp!) — here's how to watch the People's Choice Awards online, so you don't have to miss out on all the fun.

You Can Count on Ustream

Even if you're unfamiliar with the name, you'll certainly be able to appreciate its purpose. Ustream is providing live coverage of the big event from start to finish. All you need to do is find some decent internet, head on over to their website, and watch the magic unfold right before your very eyes. Sure, it may not be as good as a 60" flatscreen, but it's the next best thing and will allow you to still root for all of your favorites with as much enthusiasm as you can muster.

Go Straight to the Source

If you have a hard time trusting other outlets, you can always count on the People's Choice official website, which will be streaming live footage of the ceremony all night long. As an added bonus, you'll also be privy to all the latest news concerning the awards show, since the site will constantly be updating its content as the evening progresses. So as long as you keep hitting that refresh button, you'll be just as "in the know" as anyone else out there.

Show Me the Money

Depending on how much you really want to tune in, you could always pay for CBS' All Access streaming service, which allows customers to instantly stream their local CBS station on their PC or mobile device. There's even a deal where you can try one week for free and only spend $5.99 per month after that. Granted, if you're only looking to use the service for just this one instance, then it's not really worth it. But if you're a big CBS watcher in general then this could prove to be a pretty useful tool, especially if you're always on the go.

Rely on Social Media

When all else fails, social media is a great informer to fall back on. So even if you can't seem to find a good streaming service online (which could vary depending on the internet speed available to you), then take comfort in knowing that you can always just follow the excitement on Twitter and Facebook. That constant stream of 140 characters will make you feel as though you're watching it all firsthand and give you that same play-by-play you've been looking for. Just let the hashtags be your guide. #goodluck

Images: Giphy; gifavs; fuckyeahdonnameagle/Tumblr