'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans is Engaged to Nathan Griffith & She is Very Excited About the Ring — PHOTOS

In news that you thought already happened, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is engaged to boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Congrats to the happy couple! But, for real though, I'm pretty sure you guys were already engaged. No? Hmm... OK then. Suit yourselves, I guess.

Jenelle announced the engagement news herself by sharing Instagram pics of her ring with followers. The first one she captioned, "Oh man! Someone's engaged." Who engaged, Jenelle?! Do tell! She then posted a second picture of the ring captioned simply, "Gorgeous!!!!"

Prior to posting the ring photos, Jenelle shared a few pictures of herself and Nathan all dressed up before heading out to dinner while on some sort of tropical beach vacation. Methinks she knew this proposal was coming. Also, methinks Jenelle has it together more than is normally expected. Judging by her recent pics she seems to be in a good place both literally (tropical beach vacation!) and figuratively.

If you're a fan of the show, you know that Jenelle and Nathan have been together for quite some time — especially when it comes to reality TV star engagements. They've been dating since June 2013 and have a son together, Kaiser, who they welcomed in June 2014.

If, like me, you thought that these two were already engaged, it's probably because Jenelle has been engaged twice before to Courtland Rogers and Gary Head, with the marriage to Courtland resulting in marriage. Well, perhaps the third time will really be the charm for Jenelle. It sure looks like their engagement is off to a good start!

Image: Jenelle Evans/Instagram