This 'Charlie Hebdo' Cartoon Talking Terrorism In France In Last Week's Issue Is Chilling

In its most recent issue, French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon of a terrorist stating that there had yet to be an attack in the country. An attack on the publication, which is known for its cartoons and has published several poking fun at the Islamist State and Muhammad, the Islamic prophet, left as many as 12 people dead. The chilling cartoon depicts a man with a beard and a gun, who further declares that there's still time for an attack.

The title says "Still no attack on France," followed by comment bubbles that say "Wait! We have until the end of January to give our best wishes," BuzzFeed News reports.

Well-known cartoonist Stéphane Charbonnier, known as Charb, drew the cartoon. He was on a most-wanted list published by Inspire (al Qaeda's magazine), has received death threats before, and lived under police protection, but he was still outspoken about his right to publish critical caricatures.

According to The Independent, Charbonnier defended his decision to publish cartoons of Muhammad in 2012, stating:

Muhammad isn't sacred to me. I don't blame Muslims for not laughing at our drawings. I live under French law. I don't live under Koranic law.