Heidi Klum Celebrates INC's 30th Anniversary

Macy's, everyone's go-to department store, has definitely given us some classics over the 150+ years since it first opened it's glided doors. Anniversary sales we can always depend on, well-stocked perfume counters (with celebrity fragrances always leading the pack), and the sexy, structured separates of powerhouse fashion brand INC. Now, for the brand's 30th anniversary, Macy's INC has named Heidi Klum the new face of the line. Yup, with the celebration of its 30th anniversary this year, Macy's in-house line INC can officially be called a classic — of both the department store and the wardrobes of women whose closets have been stocked with the workplace chic and sophisticated sexy pieces for years now. So what better way to mark the milestone than with yet another classic? Classic beauty, I mean of course.

This isn't Klum's first time donning INC threads. Heidi actually modeled for the brand 15 years ago, making her the perfect #tbt for the line's 30th anniversary. “Thirty years is a big deal. It’s a very long time for any company, really, so I’m excited they brought me back for it,” said Klum during her shoot. This time around, Heidi is serving as brand ambassador of the spring 2015 campaign, which features both feminine and tailored pieces — a cornerstone of the brand — and a mixed palette of pastel florals and black and white staples. Check out some of the gorgeous campaign shots below and then start scooping up all the fun, classic pieces in Macy's stores and online!

Images: Courtesy of INC