#TangoTuesday Is The Fiercest Dog On Twitter

I know we all call Wednesday "Hump Day," but if we're being real, Tuesday is the day of the week that it most feels like your motivation has plummeted into the core of the earth. Tuesday is like your sophomore year: nobody cares, and hopefully it'll be over soon. But Tuesday's about to get an brand spanking new reputation thanks to the costumed photos of golden retriever Tango, aka, #TangoTuesday on Twitter. Every week is Halloween for Tango, whose owners James and Katie pose her in elaborate, themed costumes, complete with sets, and have photo shoots with her, all so that they can bless us the most winning photos Twitter has ever beheld. I love everything about these people and their lives.

We've seen plenty of costumed dogs on the internet, but Tango is basically a professional. She's been modeling on Twitter and Instagram for a year and a half, and even Tyra cannot deny of the smize of this dog. Tango is Fierce with a capital "F," and she has proven that she is capable of just about anything, whether it be commanding a kingdom as a pooch princess, creating works of art that rival Monet's, or even out-sophisticating Audrey Hepburn. Take a look for yourself and you'll see that even your dreariest Tuesdays are about to get significantly better:

Images: TangoTuesday/Twitter