This Baby Pig Can't Walk On Ice, and We Are So Thankful He Can't Because OMG Cute — VIDEO

Like all things in life, balancing on ice has a pretty steep learning curve. I learned this the hard way 7th grade I slipped into a ditch in front of my FIRST EVER CRUSH. (I'm mostly over it.) Try as we may, we cannot conquer winter, and as we learned from yesterday's roundup of cute animals in the snow, they are no exception. Take, for example, this baby pig who couldn't walk on ice and slipped and slid his adorable little baby self down the sidewalk. Luckily, someone was on hand to rescue him, because as you will remember from the bajillion times you might have fallen on your butt and embarrassed yourself, ice shenanigans have a way of escalating quickly.

The baby pig's name is Phinny, and he is a baby hero in Pittsburgh; His owner Aaron is using the 12-second video of him as a PSA to all the other inhabitants of the city about just how much this ice is not messing around! It's okay, Phinny, someday when you're older and get to be as big as Esther the mini-pig who turned out to not be so mini, you'll be a little more sure on your feet. Here's a heart-stopping video of Phinny trying to walk on ice for the first time:

All's well that ends well, though, because his owner provided an update on the cutie, saying that he's curled up by the heater where he clearly deserves to be:

Sorry, I should have warned you how precious that was going to be before I just recklessly put it there, but it's too late for that now. Follow Phinny's advice and stay safe, everyone!

Images: YouTube, RPGMUA/Facebook