13 Eco Friendly Baby Clothes That Blake Lively's Daughter Would Look Absolutely Adorable In

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The first week of 2014 has already created cause for celebration twice in the celebrity world. If Twitter is to be believed, Blake Lively has welcomed a baby daughter named Violet into the world. And based on who her loving parents are, Violet is sure to have a culturally and sartorially enriched life. While I expect Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds to privately enjoy their baby bliss instead of incessantly tweeting pictures to the world, it stands to reason that Violet will be one well-dressed little kid.

Based on the heart-melting and eco-conscious designs Lively's website Preserve features for infants and Lively's own bohemian/glamorous style, here are 13 environmentally-friendly and utterly adorable styles which I hope Violet sports in the first few months of her life.

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