Portia De Rossi Pranked Ellen DeGeneres

It's hard to pull one over on Ellen DeGeneres, but her wife managed to do just that. Earlier this week, Queen of Pranks DeGeneres filmed Portia De Rossi working out to a Jane Fonda video and then put it on the Internet. So De Rossi decided to get her revenge and filmed DeGeneres singing while running on the treadmill. "I got you back @theellenshow! Don't believe me? Just watch," she posted on Twitter.

DeGeneres came up with the idea for the original prank when she found out she was having Jane Fonda as a guest. She popped in the exercise tape under the guise of needing to work and pulled De Rossi over to give it a whirl. The prank video's all in good fun since it wasn't really that embarrassing. After all, De Rossi nailed the moves in jeans no less, but her reaction to being filmed was hilarious.

But when you're married to DeGeneres you can't let her have the last laugh, so De Rossi upped the embarrassment level. She snuck into her wife's workout room and filmed DeGeneres sweatin' it up on the treadmill while belting the lyrics to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk."

Check out the two workout prank videos here:

Can this please become an ongoing thing? I want Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres to continue out-embarrassing each other while giving us a glimpse at their daly activities. It's the kind of prank war where everybody wins.