Kaley Cuoco Wears Culottes to the People's Choice Awards, So I Guess They're Really Happening

Well, guys, it's official. Kaley Cuoco wore culottes to the People's Choice Awards, which, I guess, means that polarizing pants trend is officially back. Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen those big ole flowy bottoms attempt to creep into our modern wardrobes, but I have to admit, Cuoco looked pretty dang awesome in them. Her ensemble actually gave me hope that my once-most-regretted fashion blunder from high school could make a relatively graceful comeback. 

First off, she went with the safest color palette there is: black and white. Plus, the stiffer fabric gives those culottes some incredibly classy structure, which makes them look a thousand times better than the weird nylon material my favorite pair was made of back in 2003. Oh, and the icing on the culotte cake? Definitely Cuoco's cutouts — and not just for all the pleasant alliteration they so conveniently provide. Culottes can easily slip into the business-casual territory and showing off a little bit of rib helped turn the whole ensemble into evening wear. 

So yeah, her interaction with Kevin Hart on stage was awkward (he totally brought up that whole "I'm not a feminist thing"...), but at least Cuoco's outfit was on point. 

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Images: Getty Images

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