Nicki Tones It Down In Terry Richardson Shoot

When it comes to the business of fashion photography, Terry Richardson has reached the ultimate pinnacle of success. The world-renowned artist has deliberately garnered a reputation of creating the most risqué, shock-inducing photographs of Hollywood's it-girls, producing one masterpiece after another. As his latest muse, Nicki Minaj was photographed by Terry Richardson in what turned out to be a surprisingly tame shoot for Rolling Stone.

Although Minaj is dressed in nothing but a cleavage-bearing American flag tank and matching trucker hat, the photos are not nearly as racy as most other works from Richardson. How could we forget that teeny tiny "leotard" he shot Miley Cyrus in, which pretty much showed her entire lady bits off to the world. That is exactly the genius ploy of his art though — thought-provoking, in-your-face images that remain ingrained in our minds forever. The strategy is pretty clever, so I get it.

So why go off the beaten path and stray from the usual "sex sells" strategy that has worked so well in the past? What's even more surprising is that he's chosen to tone it way down with one of the most notoriously provocative celebrities — who has posed nearly nude on her Instagram at her own free will.

I present you with Exhibit A:

Still, the images are an editorial gold-mine, don't you think?